GP Online Services

Online Services are designed to help patients receive the help they need in the quickest way possible.  They will also enable you to view your medical records, including test results, consultations and hospital documents, order prescriptions and view and cancel appointments.

The service provider we recommend is the NHS App which also allows access to NHS 111 symptom checker.


Test Results

Blood test results are available to view online 2-4 working days after your appointment. is a fantastic resource to help you understand your blood test results and offers simple explanations of how certain tests work and what they may be used for.

Next to every result will be a comment from the doctor, some common ones include;

  • “Normal no action” – There is no abnormality detected on your blood test therefore no action is needed on this result.
  • “Repeat test” – This can be for a variety of reasons possibly including lab errors, a further or different test is recommended or slightly abnormal results that need to be monitored
  • “Telephone Consultation – Routine” – The doctor would like to discuss this result with you but there is no urgency involved. Routine appointments are usually 2-4 weeks ahead and the doctor has agreed that the result can be discussed in that timeframe.
  • “On correct treatment” – The doctor has already prescribed the recommended treatment for your problem. 

Please note that all results have been seen by a doctor before they are made available to you.  ‘Normal’ ranges are provided as a guide only and the GP will have reviewed your results in the context of your medical history/condition.  Some variation outside the norm is to be expected and is no cause for concern. 


As a practice we are committed to widening access to our services online. We use a system called “E-consult”. You’ll be asked some questions about your problem which will then be reviewed by a clinician and you’ll be contacted within 2 working days. For more information, please visit;

A link to eConsults is available on the front page of our website.


What’s in it for me ?

  • You can look at your records whenever you choose to, without needing to print them. Online records are up to date and are more secure than a printed paper record which could get lost or seen by others.
  • People who have long term conditions, for example diabetes, hypertension or coronary heart disease, have found that looking at their test results online helps them make positive changes to improve their health. They can see if their condition is improving or getting worse by looking at past test results.
  • You can look at your GP records before your appointment to see if there is anything you need to discuss with your doctor or nurse.
  • Sometimes when you see your doctor, you are given a lot of information and might not be able to remember it later. You may also want further information once you have had time to think about what was said.
  • Before you go on holiday, you can check if your vaccinations are up to date without having to go to your surgery.

Understanding your records

Your records are written to help medical staff look after you and so in some cases, you may not understand everything you see. If you find anything difficult to understand, as well as talking to your doctor or nurse, you can go to the NHS Choices website by using this link NHS Choices is the NHS website for patients where you can look for information on illnesses, improving health and find NHS services in your local area. Other websites frequently used to search for information on illnesses and test results are Patient – and Lab Test Online UK – Although these are not owned or checked by the NHS, other patients have found them useful.